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    Upcoming Events:
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    Featured Past Events:


    Elbo "Reiwa"
    Legacy Glassworks is proud to present a glass pipe gallery show with the one and only Elbo. Elbo is an internationally renowned glass artist who has spent his last six months living and working in Japan. While in Japan Elbo hosted the first every pipe show in the country. Elbo will be debuting brand new solo work along with collaborative works from the top Japanese artists. Accompanying Elbo will be Japanese native and Twin Cities transplant Yuya Negishi. Yuya will be taking over the walls with his incredible paintings. 

    VIP event includes free craft beer and free Latin fusion feast from Cafe Ena along with the opportunity to win a Elbo pendant!
    Saturday, May 11, 2019
    6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    VIP (ticket required)
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    General Admission (FREE!)
    8:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    Instagram Live
    5/9/19 - 5/10/19
    2-Day Advanced Glassblowing w/
    A few spots still available

    4/20 Fun Fair:

    - 20% off all day (excludes tobacco)

    - Toss a bean bag for chance to get 25%, 35% or 45% off one item

    - First 16 to make a purchase at each gallery get a bonus prize including one lucky winner of a $500 dollar shopping spree!  (shopping spree can be used any day after 4/20)

    - Spend $400 spin the prize wheel

    - $4,000+ giveaways

    - New glass drops* from


    Adam Reetz



    Steve Sizelove


    *new drops will be displayed at both galleries. drops are not eligible for any discounts 

    - New Visual art
    Ben Hanke
    Max 315
    Nell Triggs

    - Live Glassblowing all day
    Jordan Hamilton
    Clayton S
    Ray Mondy
    Gabe Renz
    Northern Groove
    Slick Rick
    Ted Wilber
    Car Wash 
    Jill Braun
    Dan Apples
    Big Boro Betty
    Cameron Ulmer
    Seize the Gnar
    Sammy Flowers

    - Live music presented by Slam Academy
    Swagneto: 6:00pm
    MIke Rat: 7:15pm 
    James Patrick: 8:30pm
    Free Latin fusion feast from Cafe Ena with bar starts at 6:00pm! 
    DJR: 6:00pm
    Northwood Beats: 7:30pm

    Flippin' Out with Freeek
    Solo Glass Show with Freeek
    New visual art by phillythekid
    Live Glassblowing 
    VIP Entry 6-7PM ($25 per ticket, free beer + heady raffle)
    Free Entry after 7PM
    Solo glass pipe show with Chris Ahalt! 

    New visual art from 2620 Crew:

    DJ Bvckwoods on the 1's and 2's

    Live Glassblowing

    VIP entry 6-7: $25
    Free entry after 7pm
    Come celebrate 2 years with us! 
    Glass Drops:
    Joe Peters
    Eric Ross 4.0
    Brandon Martin

    Visual Art:
    Rogue Citizen (whole crew show)

    SEWN featuring: Peter Muller
    Free show!
    Vip 5-6pm 
    Vip tickets:
    $200 (goes towards purchase)
    Complimentary catered food & craft beer
    Live glassblowing from Slick Rick, Cult Leader Glass, JH Glass, Bowser
    The Spoon Show
    Celebrating the classic glass pipe design
    VIP 5-6pm
    VIP tickets:
    $20 advance buy here
    $25 at the door
    Show 7-10pm
    IG Live 8pm
    Featuring spoons from:
    Brandon Martin
    Natey Love
    Nathan Belmont
    Maka B
    Ryan Mccluer
    Vela G
    Steve Sizelove
    EF Norris
    Prairie Pipes
    Chad G
    Matty White
    Josh Ford
    Carsten Carllie
    Adam Reetz
    Kurt B
    Danny White
    Mr Gray
    Northern Waters
    Piper Dan
    Chris Carlson
    TK Happa
    Ray Mondy
    DC Colton
    Erik Anders
    JP Cicero
    Kenan Tiemeyer
    Antony Rigles
    Todd Cameron
    Dellene Peralta
    Cherry glass
    Alex Schmalex
    Zach P
    JD Maplesden
    Alex K
    Blue Soldier
    White Monkey
    Vigil Glass
    Bear Mountain
    Aric Bovie
    Ted Wilber
    Andy G
    Visual Art:
    Nicholas Voltaggio
    Gregory Ganeles
    Tanner Palmer
    Gabriel M. Fischer
    Emearld Hulsing
    Biggest sale in the history of Legacy! 
    Duluth 8 Year Anniversary Party 
    40% off all glass all day! 
    Custom orders while you watch
    Live glassblowing
    Giveaways all day
    Chad G Crayon pipe drop
    Sherbet pencil tool drop
    Jeff Green chip stack rig drop
    Drake Arnold clothing drop
    *three new glass drops are not eligible for 40% off 
    Legacy hoodie/shirt drop
    25% off all vapes, grinders, scales, dugouts and disks 
    Saturday June 16th we will be hosting a graffiti party all day!
    Live painting in the alleyway behind our shop. 
    Drinks and food will be offered! 
    Artists include Voorhees(VRHS), Lekseno, Ryoe, Karl73, Therd, Mente, Groe, Wundr, Biafra, and many more!! 
    Don't miss out on this amazing event.
    May 19th Minneapolis 
    6pm to 7pm VIP $20, Free 7pm-10pm
    Steve Sizelove bringing the heat to Minneapolis! Steve kills the hypnotic movement of bubble trapping in his work that you wont want to miss! 
    Also featuring artwork by local artist Nell Triggs!  
    May 3rd & 4th Duluth 
    Live Music:
    11am: Prhym8 mix set
    8pm: Prhym8 live beats set
    7pm: DJ Atek
    9:30pm: Shloob
    Sean Anonymous new song debut!
    Live Glassblowing:
    All Day: JD Maplesden (on and off)
    All Day: Ray Mondy
    All Day: Cult Leader Glass
    All Day: Kinnickinnic
    11am-3pm: Lief L
    11am-4pm: Crux
    11am-2pm: Brandon Martin
    11am-3pm: Alex Schmalex
    3pm-7pm: Boro Ben
    3pm-11pm: Mougle
    4pm-11pm: Boro Bender
    5pm-8pm: Tommy T
    7pm-11pm: Dyanmic
    7pm-11pm:Slick Rick
    7pm-11pm:Ted Wilber
    Live Painting:
    All Day: Nell Triggs
    11am-2:30pm: Flora
    11am-4:pm: UV Leaf
    4pm-8pm: Rodney Dynamite
    All day live glassblowing
    Live Music:
    3pm: DJR
    4pm: Northwood Beats
    6pm: Crunchy Bunch
    First 5 in Gallery: 45% Off
    Next 5 in Gallery: 40% Off
    Next 5 in Gallery: 35% Off
    Next 5 in Gallery: 30% Off
    25% Off all glass all day!
    Giveaways on the hour every hour
    Custom orders made while you watch from Sammy Flowers and Sloth
    Politically driven work from Coup, Repo, and Rigs. 
    Live Glassblowing 
    Brand New Glass from:
    Cha (Mini Balloon Animal Drop)
    Brandon Martin (Tortoise Drop)
    Eross 4.0 (Craft Cup Drop)
    Vela G
    Steve Sizelove
    Harold Cooney
    Capn' Crunk
    Boro Ben
    Piper Dan
    Matt A
    Sammy Flowers
    Dynamic Glass
    Andy G
    Joe Morrison
    Boro Ballers
    Glass Bros
    Ted Wilber
    ***very limited quantity on most listed artists
    Brand New Visual Art from:
    Greta Claire
    Ryoe James
    UV Leaf
    Nell Triggs
    Jason Wasyk
    Curly Jay
    Live Glassblowing all day:
    Brandon Martin: Noon-4pm
    Eric Ross: Noon-4pm
    Glass Bros 2pm-6pm
    Crux: 7pm-11pm
    Boro Ben: 2pm-7pm
    DLM: 3pm-7pm
    Andy G: 1pm-5pm
    Joe Morrison: 7pm-11pm
    Boro Ballers: 6pm-10pm
    Dynamic Glass: 7pm-11pm
    Ted Wilber: 7pm-11pm
    AAA: 7pm-11pm
    Ray Mondy 11am-2pm
    Borosillycat: 3pm-7pm
    Kinnickinnic: 7pm-11pm
    Cult Leader Glass: 11am-2pm
    Bluejay: 11am-2pm
    Mougle: 11am-2pm
    Zacoski: 7pm-11pm
    Smooveglass: 2pm-6pm
    Shin G: 11am-2pm
    Michael Ray: 7pm-11pm
    Julian J: 3pm-7pm
    Lief L: 2pm-6pm
    Live Music all day:
    Meghan Hamilton: 8:30pm
    Loom In Essence: 6:30pm
    Swagneto: 5pm
    Prhym8: 2pm
    Ampliphy: 11am
    Free beer and champagne 7pm-11pm
    Come celebrate 7 years since we opened our Duluth gallery!  
    Piper Dan Glass Pipe Show
    Piper Dan Advanced Marble Class
    Legacy is honored to display a new body of work from glass artist Calm!

    If brand new work from Calm is not enough this Saturday Sept. 23 Legacy will be presenting:
    "Spirit Animals" brand new graffiti and paintings from Max 315
     "Retti Or Not"
    August 26th 
    JULY 28th 
    BIAFRA & WUNDR Wall takeover
    & Chad G Nature Drop! 
    Biafra's executes visual retelling of stories that are a part of his life. He is a multifaceted artist who used a variety of mediums including: Spray paint, screen printing, stencils, stickers, and posters.
          Wundr is know for his "Wundr Birds" strategically placed around Minnesota.  His character illustrations and unique display applications make him a standout.  His phenomenal street art transcends typical graffiti, graphic design, and character illustration.
    Huge sale:
    First 5 in line: 45% off any 1 piece
    Next 5: 40%
    Next 5: 35%
    Next 5: 30%
    All day: 20% off
    Giveaways in line!
    Boro Ben Solo Show:
    Brand new body of work from Boro Ben including collabs with Brandon Martin, Matt A and more!
    Biggest Giveaway in the history of Legacy:
    $1,600 Sliver Fox Rig
    Every $100 spent on 7/10 gets one chance to win.
    Raffle will be at 7:10 pm. Must be present to win (if you can't make it back you can give your raffle tickets to a friend to collect for ya)
    Live Glassblowing:
    Boro Ben: All Day
    Matt A: All Day
    Blue Jay Glass:11am-2pm
    Congurent Creations:11am-2pm
    AAA: 1pm-5pm
    Groe: 2pm-6pm
    Kinnickinnic: 5pm-9pm
    Crux: 6pm-9pm
    Live Music:
    DJ Sean: 5pm-9pm
    St. Paul Slim: 7:15pm
    Bishop, Vela G, and Jameson are coming to the Midwest to hang out at the gallery! We will have Vela G, Eric Ross, Chris Ahalt, Groe Knows, and Matt A all blowing glass live on July 1st! Food provided by Booming BBQ, and cocktails/drinks will be provided by us here at Legacy Glassworks!
    Tube and Terrariums
    Saturday May 20th
    Matt A glass is presenting a solo exhibition of glass with living plants inside
    Accompanied by various visual works from other Minnesota artists
    Homegrown Music Festival
    Saturday May 6th
    8:30pm: J4Tay
    9:30pm: Kyle Ollah
    10:30pm: Average Mammals
    Beer for sale! 
       4/20 Blowout Minneapolis
      Crunklestein Solo Show
      Thursday April 20: 11am-9pm
      First 10 customers get 40% off any one piece
      Everyone gets 20% off entire gallery (including paintings) 
      Cap'n Crunk will be presenting a solo exhibition!
      Free Beer w/ purchase
      Live Music by Ampliphy
      Pizza from Galactic 
      Live Glassblowing:
      Cap'n Crunk
      E.Ross (4.0)
      Brandon Martin
       4/20 Blowout Duluth
      Sims and Pert Near Sandstone!
      Thursday April 20: 11am-1am
      First 10 customers get 40% off any one piece
      Everyone gets 20% off entire gallery (including paintings) 
      Live Music:
      In store
      11am: Jaze
      12pm: DJ JR
      At the Rex
      $15 advanced ticket (buy here or instore)
      $20 at the door
      Sims of Doomtree
      Pert Near Sandstone
      Phantom Tails
      Paper Parlor
      Live Glassblowing:
      In store and at the Rex
      Sammy Flowers
      Matt A
      Michael Ray 
      Cherry Glass
      Joe Morrison
      Silent Auction at the Rex w/ 100% proceeds going to Chum Center
                               32 West First St, Duluth, MN 
        Minneapolis Grand Opening Party!
        Live Glassblowing:
        Eric Ross 
        Brandon Martin 
        Cha Glass 
        Matt A 
        Andy G 
        Boro Benjamin 
        Glass Bros 
        Cherry Glass 
        Ted Wilber 
        Kayla Om 
        Antony Rigles 
        Jes Durfee 
        Michael Ray 
        Pat McLain 
        Northern Groove 
        Higher Concentration 
        Sammy Flowers
        Boro Ballers 
        Joe Howe 
        Visual Artists: Louis N. LaPierre, Ryan Ryoe, Jason Wasyk, Biafra, Greta Claire, Max 315
        Ampliphy, Atek, Prhym8 
        Six Year Anniversary Bash! 
        Live Glassblowing: Joe Morrison, Sammy Flowers, Graham Nelson, Frankenstein Glass, Michael Ray, Alex Schmalex, Pat McClain, Boro Ballers and Sloth
        Live Music: Silly, Seym0ur, Suzy Q, AJ Plex, JamesG, De Se, C-Silence, Jaze, Kat, Nonfic and CRAM
        Spring Blowout
        12 Hours of Live Music: DJ Just Nick, A. Rep, Rick Mclean, Dj Path Annu, Tomah, Duluth Hip-Hop Family, Minnesotabuick, Corey McCauley, Black River Revue, Starling of Athens, Social Animals Duo and Charlie Parr
        12 Hours of Live Glassblowing: Sloth, DP, Crux, Cherry Glass, Kayla Om, Northern Groove, Sammy Flowers and Cha Glass
        5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza Biggest sale and party in the history of Legacy!
        - Live Glassblowing demos by Sloth, Matt A, Higher Concentration, Ted Wilber, Pat McLain, Sammy Flowers
        - Music performed by DJ Delgado, Legitimit, Jaze, Strictly Hammers, Lo-Hi funk, Rooftop Fable, Bliss, SOTFPORECORN, Willie Diction, Mike Shank, MaLLy and St. Paul Slim
        Spring Blowout: - Live Glassblowing demos by Antony Rigles, Sloth, DP, Muph and Jes Durfee
        - Music performed by DJ A.D., Back Porch Musik, Lyrik G , BeastHead, The Farsights, Trinh and Amos, Jaze and Bliss, Low Hi Funk, Mike Shank of Sector7G, Felix of Heriuspecs and Kanser
        Grand Re-Opening and 3 Year Bash: - Live Glassblowing demos by Sloth, Andy G (AG/Borealis), Odd Thomas, Louis N LaPierre, Julian Lieavno and Misha (from Eugene Rain)
        - Music performed by DJ Beaks, New Era with Backporch Music, T. Dack, Darcell, DIP, Suzy Q, Legitimit, Nonfic, Muja Messiah, Kristoff Krane, St. Paul Slim and Carnage
        4/20 Blowout!: - Live Glassblowing demos by Sloth and Woohab
        - Music performed by DJ Dyami Quast, DJ Beaks, Plague of Sharks, Corey Mcauley, Rhymes Anonymous, T. Dack, Gallus, Jaze, Crunchy Bunch, Bliss, Strictly Hammers, Audio Perm and Haphduzn
        Legacy's 2 Year Bash: - Live Glassblowing demos by Sloth, Scot Bennett (Cherry Glass) and Jes Durfe,
        - Music performed by Crunchy Bunch, TNT, Murder of Crows, Strictly Hammers, Suzy Q, Dead Guys, Adjustments, Nonfiction, No Buddie and Jaze & Delgago.
        4/20/2012 Legacy's 4/20 Blowout: - Live Glassblowing demos by Sloth, Ben Nelson (Muph), Jes Durfe, Louis LaPierre, DP and Sammy Flowers
        - Music performed by Messy Mirrors, T.Dack, Kyle Scherz, Plague of Sharks, I,The Sky, Stinko, Electric Graveyard Afterlife, Jaze, The Mammoth with I.ONE, The Moon is Down, Ackronem, Garvin Strictly Hammers, Bliss & Sitter and Kristoff Krane
        9/24/2011 Legacy Glassworks One Year Anniversary Blowout!: - Live Glassblowing demos by Sloth, Dan Neff, Ben Nelson and Jes Durfe
        - Music performed by DJ Beaks, Crunchy Bunch, Rhymes Anonymous, Fearless Moral Inventory, Sarah Starkey, Legitimit, Kritical Kontact, Dri, Kyle Ollah, The Good Colonels & Bliss & Sitter
        4:20 Blowout! Music performed by Crunchy Bunch, DJ After Death, Remote Viewfinder, J. Peach, Kenesis, The Tico Three, Legitimit, The Good Colonels, Pennies for a Dime, and House of Doughnuts!
        Location: Legacy Glassworks Art Gallery Event: Grand Opening Party Music performed by Eyedea, Sector7G, Kritical Kontact, J.Peach, Mikey Talented, Sh*t, Daytime TV, Mild Discomfort and Sarah Starkey 
        Past Events:
        April 8, 2017  Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, "Agenda" and "Glassfitti"
        March 11, 2017  Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Arts Show
        Sept 3, 2016 Location: Duluth, Minnesota, Event: Vending at Super Big Block Party 2 w/ Dessa, Grieves, Low
        July 20-24, 2016 Location: Walker, Minnesota, Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2016
        July 9, 2016 Location: Bayfront Park, Duluth, Event: Vending at Trampled by Turtles 
        June 16-9, 2016 Location: Walker, Minnesota, Event: Vending at Moondance Jammin Country 2016
        May 6-7, 2016
        Homegrown Music Festival @ Legacy:
        Strictly Hammers, Seym0ur, JamesG, Danecdote, Jaze & Delgado
        and Eddiedition
        July 15-19, 2015 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2015
        June 18-21, 2015 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jammin Country 2015
        May 1-2, 2015 Homegrown Music Festival @ Legacy
        Rick McLean The Moon is Down The Fabulous D- Bags NonFic Steven Gold DJ Delgado
        4/20/15 420 BLOWOUT!
        12 Hours of Live Glassblowing! Cherry Glass EFS Sloth
        12 Hours of Live Music! Nathan Holte DJ AD John Taytem with DJ Thorough Plague of Sharks Medicate Superfly McFlash Corey McCauley Minnesotabuick PaperParlor Strictly Hammers and Jaze Rejects
        1/17/2014 Homegrown Winter Fiascoo: The Getarounds Jacob Swason The Farisights
        11/30/2013 November Concert and Pipe Raffle Beasthead Crunchy Bunch Darcell Average Joseph
        8/28/2013 August Concert and Pipe Raffle Darcell w/ J-Spex Nick Vicious Michron
        Aug. 9-11 2013 Location: Sommerset, WI Event: Vending at Summer Set Music Festival 2013
        7/27/2013 July Concert and Pipe raffle: Garvin MC 1980 A Lot DJ LG DIP Ackronem Midi-Vil
        July 17- 21 2013 Location: Walker, MN Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2013
        6/29/2013 Location: Bayfront Park Event: Vending at Trampled by Turtles and Atmoshere
        6/28/2013 June Concert and Pipe Raffle Rez Rap, Eddiedition, Boyz in the Woodz, Hosted by Jaze
        June 20-22, 2013 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Country 2013
        5/30/2013 May Concert and Pipe raffle: Japanese Game Show (Wichita, Kansas) The Travel Guide (Wichita, Kansas) The Horror Phillip of Nazareth.
        May 3-4, 2013: Homegrown Music Festival @Legacy: Manheat Legitimit La Foret Malec Good Knight Nonfic & Danecdote Kyle Scherz Band
        3/28/2013 March Concert and Pipe raffle: Doc Hyde Suicide Minds Nonfiction Common Labor Thadi P. Channel 1 Cash
        2/28/2013 February Concert and Pipe raffle: Dada Trash Collage drOHM maintenance free Timmy Jack's off
        1/25/2013 January Concert and Pipe raffle: Spawn and DJ Stage One (formerly of Atmosphere) Emcee Edge D.I.P. CMJ Zac HB Dem Atlas Kuley Tyler Nelson Ray The Wolf of Equal Xchange
        12/21/2012 End of the World Pipe Raffle Show: Jon Bondy Kalyn Youndblom w/ K&Krew Corey McCauley
        11/30/2012 November Concert and Pipe raffle: Tin Can Gin The Adjustments Phyl Wickham and Friends Corey McCauley
        8/29/2012 August Concert and Pipe raffle: Kristoff Krane Strictly Hammers Tyler Nelson Superfluous Glowshoes DIP The Mammoth Christopher Michael Jensen
        Aug 24-26, 2012 Location: Somerset, Wisconsin Event: Vending at Summer Set Music Festival with Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Most Def & Talib Kweli, Umphrey's McGee and more.
        July 18-21, 2012 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2012
        July 7-8, 2012 Location: Bayfront Park, Duluth. Event: Vending at The Jayhawks and Trampled by Turtles
        June 21-23, 2012 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jamin' Country 2012
        6/5/2012 June Concert and Pipe Raffle: Tez Nonfiction Ant Jonez
        7/1/2012 Location: Bayfront Park, Duluth. Event: Vending at Wilco
        5/17/2012 May Concert and Pipe Raffle: The No Boundaries Tour 2012 w/ Devilz Speciez Emcee Edge Jaze WillieDiction
        May 4-5, 2012 Homegrown Music Festival @ Legacy DJ Bob Monahan & MC Auntie Flow Kathy McTavish Kritical Kontact Bobby Phisher Ambrose & Nickle Nelly Mr. Kickass Peer Precious Fours
        3/29/2012 March Pipe Raffle Show: Chris Melrose Art School Girls Fresh Squeeze Audio Perm on the 1s and 2s
        3/3/2012 Headbang Against Hate 2012: Fearless Moral Inventory Assbrigade Strictly Hammers
        3/2/2012 The Northern Lights Art Show: Evan Unverdornrben (paint) Brett Grandson (photo) Music by Corey McCauley
        1/31/2012 January Pipe Raffle Show: Bliss &; Sitter 3 Song Sunday Kyle Scherz Joshua Grose
        12/29/2011 December Pipe Raffle Show: Stricktly Hammers Ant Jonez Nonfiction WillieDiction Legitimit Hosted by Bliss and Jaze
        11/30/2011 November Pipe Raffle Show: Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses Tin Can Gin & Ghosts of Swinetown.
        10/29/2011 "Styles for Miles" art show & Oct. Pipe Raffle Art by: Alamo Aqua Each2 Groe Hope4 & River Music by: Austin Dufaux & Howlin Andy
        8/26/2011 August Pipe Raffle Show: Ecid, Leif (Kolt), Strictly Hammers, Jim Shusterich, Hosted by Jaze
        8/6/2011 Vending at Willie Nelson and Trampled by Turtles at Bayfront, Duluth.
        7/26/2011 July Pipe Raffle Show: Ken Mode (Winnipeg), Ty Cobb & KeyPortal
        July 13-17, 2011 Vending at Moondance Jam in Walker, MN
        7/9/2011 Vending at Twin Ports Bridge Festival w/ Michael Franti & Spearhead and Cloud Cult
        6/30/2011 June Concert and Pipe Raffle: Tez Shatto Texxas Loc Da Realist Rhymes Anonymous DJ Risky Fingers.
        June 22- 25, 2011 Vending at Moondance Jammin' Country in Walker, MN
        6/1/2011 May Concert and Pipe Raffle: Two Many Banjos Sitter Yester Fearless Moral Inventory,
        3/31/2011 March Concert and Pipe Raffle: Charlie Parr Kyle Sitter Sarah Starkey
        March 18-19, 2011 Vending at Pow Wow in the Pines Indianhead Resort, MI
        3/11/2011 Hot New Mexicans (Athens, GA) Landlord (Bloomington, IN) Peer Precious & Hard Feelings
        2/28/2011 February Concert & Pipe Raffle: Iron Range Outlaw Brigade The Heehaa Hoohaa
        1/31/2011 January Concert and Pipe Raffle: Bliss Legitimit C-Silence Rhymes Anonymous
        1/16/2011 Eine Kleine Chinmuzik Blood Eagle Phillip of Nazareth
        12/29/2010 December Concert and Pipe Raffle: Yester Four's I've Seen you Drunk Kirsty Marie
        12/7/2010 Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits (Oakland, CA) Indulge Hard Feelings The Hootenannies
        11/30/2010 November Concert and Pipe Raffle House of Doughnuts Sarah Starkey Yester Ashley Northey
        10/15/2010 A night of hip-hop Featuring Sector7G, Kritical Kontact and David Mars
        July 29- Aug 1, 2010 Location: Black River Falls Wisconsin Event: Vending at Grateful Garcia Gathering 2010
        July 14-18, 2010 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2010
        June 16-19, 2010 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jamin' Country 2010
        July 22-25, 2009 Location: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Event: Vending at Ten Thousand Lakes Festival